Level 1 Pinball Tournament

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Sorry, the tournament entries are full for this event. If you would like to come to the event as a stand by in case someone doesn't show up, sign up below for the wait list.
September 9, 2021 - 6:30pm to 9:00pm

Welcome back to the weekly Level 1 Arcade Pinball Tournament. Our events are IFPA sanctioned events for points. Your best 3 of 4 finishes count and you must attend 2 events to be in the submission to the IFPA.

There will be giveaways from sponsors between rounds for tournament players including swag, drinks, food, free tokens and more!

IFPA Sanctioned: Yes 

Check-in Time: 6:00pm

Cut-off Time (if not checked-in, you will be dropped from tournament): 6:25pm

Event Sponsor: Coronado Brewing

Entry Limit: 32 players (4 players per machine)

Entry Fee: $5 per player ($4 to tournament pot, $1 toward monthly pot, includes coin drop)

Format: Group match play, 4 rounds

Tournament Waiting List

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Current Tournament Sign Ups: 32 Entries

Olivia Helm
Shawn Barnett
CHRIS Stoltenberg
Marie Stangler
Jason Barre
Michael Scruggs
John Finnegan
John Shopple
Paul Blanco
Elaine Hecht
Jason Hecht
Jim Smith
Anton Aubel
Snow Aubel
Jake Minette
Brad Umholtz
Mark Farina
Mary Lopez
Lee Scardina
Nicholas Zachry
Eric Pearson
david Halley
Casey Halley
Dustin Welch
Ben Morris
John Simons
Greg Drewes
Winston Rice
Kevin Curtis
Mark Lindbergh
Tracy Lindbergh
Romen Rodriguez

Current Tournament Wait List Sign Ups:

Michael Cameron